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What is Ceramic Coating and its benefits?

Ceramic Coating and its relationship with automobile!

For someone who is passionate about cars, bikes and automobile in general, Ceramic Coating as a concept would be easy to understand. But what about a layman who has just bought a car and doesn’t know anything about Ceramic Coating. Let’s dive deeper into Ceramic Coating as a concept, as a technique, its benefits and the place best known for Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic Coating – The Concept!

In today’s fast paced world, protection, insurance coverage are aspects that we cannot take for granted. Even when we buy a luxurious mobile phone, which costs less than 1/10th in comparison to a cost of a car, we get the phone insured. With the new phone and insurance, we also purchase a tempered glass which is put on the mobile screen to protect the main glass of the screen from breaking. This is the concept can be compared with that of Ceramic Coating.
Ceramic Coating as a concept is nothing but, a type of coating, which is applied on the exterior paint of the car, to protect the paint from damage of any kind. Ceramic Coating doesn’t protect the hardware of the car, but for the paint, it acts the same way as a tempered glass would do for a mobile phone.

Ceramic Coating – The Technique!

There are many ways of application of the ceramic coating on the external paint of your bike or car. Some of them are:
– Thermal Spray Coating
– Plasma Spray Coating
– Sputter Coating
– Dry-film Lubricants
– Other wet chemical and electrochemical coatings

Ceramic Coating – The Benefit!

Ceramic Coating once applied on the external paint of your car, provides with numerous benefits and advantages. Interestingly, the application of Ceramic Coating also affects the performance, the longevity of the car indirectly.
With out further ado, lets jump into the ocean of benefits of Ceramic Coating:
1. UV Protection: The foremost and primary benefit that Ceramic Coating provides to your car is UV Protection. Ceramic Coating will prevent your car’s paint from oxidizing, fading and will ensure it doesn’t look dull.
2. Chemical Stains Protection: Ceramic Coating also provides protection against Chemical Stains arising from the acidic contaminants present in the air. It directly protects your car from damage.
3. Cleaning Support: One of the biggest advantages/benefits of using ceramic coating on your car, is that it provides with a surface area on the paint that can be easily cleaned and easily maintained. It is water repellent and forms a layer on top of the paint of the car, which means the water-based dirt can be easily cleaned.
4. Gloss is the Boss: The use of ceramic coating gives a glossy look to your car. The glossy look is surely the grabs quite a few eyeballs on the roads, making the car the Boss of the roads.
The latest and best ceramic coating is Graphene Coating. It’s known to be stern as steel and light as a feather and the sturdiest product ever known. It gives deep shine, rich look, unmatched durability, and guarantee.

Understanding the concept, the technique and the benefits of Ceramic Coating, and the latest innovation, Graphene Coating, the first question that comes to anyone’s mind would be– Which is the best place for Ceramic Coating?
In South of India, particularly Bengaluru, CarsBuddy is one of the best in the market.

CarsBuddy – The Cult of Ceramic Coating!

When CarsBuddy began its journey, the main focus of the brand was to provide ultimate satisfaction to the customers with Ceramic Coating. CarsBuddy from Bengaluru became one of the best places to get the ceramic coating. Now Graphene Coating is done, following their vision to give the ultimate satisfaction to the customer. The prowess, the skill and the service provided by CarsBuddy is second to none and which makes them a “Cult of Ceramic Coating.”