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Sun Control Film, Vinyl Wrap & Other Services

With a team of trained professionals at work, Carsbuddy provides multiple services such as: Vinyl Wrap, Window Tinting, Windshield Protection Film, Machine Polishing, Auto Detailing, Moto Detailing (For Motorcycles)

Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl Wrap is an ideal choice to give that premium look to your car and the best part is, it is removable too.

The key benefits include quality, protection, pricing and designs to choose from. Vinyl wraps for cars are like a fashion makeover for your car. They involve applying a custom-designed vinyl film to your car's body, creating a whole new look. Jazz up your ride and protect it in style with vinyl wraps from Carsbuddy.

Window Tinting

Window Tinting, a thin film or tint that is installed on the interior or exterior of the car’s window glass. Apart from a stylish look and feel, some of the benefits include

• Better privacy
• UV Protection
• Holds broken glass during a crash
• Reduces glare from harsh sunlight
• Keeps heat out of the cabin

Windshield Protection Film

Windshield protection films are designed to be optically clear, ensuring that your visibility remains uncompromised. They don't distort your view of the road.

Windshield protection films are durable and can last for several years, providing long-term protection for your windshield.

Machine Polishing

Unlike hand polishing, machine polishing yields faster, consistent and seamless results on your prized possession, your car.

Proper technique, the right machine, and suitable compounds are essential to avoid any harm to the vehicle, and CarsBuddy is here to assist you.

Auto Detailing

Carsbuddy has a dedicated team of professional auto detailers who ensure that your car is waxed, vacuumed, polished and cleaned to make it shine.

Moto Detailing

A clean motorcycle is a sharp-looking one. And to be able to maintain it, it needs to be cleaned and protected from corrosion, oxidation and damages from atmospheric elements.

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Apart from ceramic coating and Paint Protection Film, CarsBuddy offers an array of services like window tints, best car wrapping in Bangalore, Kochi & now in Coimbatore too.

Catering to the needs of our esteemed customers is our ultimate aim which has made us the top window tints service provider and also the best car wrapping. Our trained and experienced service professionals, the technology used and collaboration with top brands, makes CarsBuddy stand out in competition.

The quality of services provided by CarsBuddy is certainly world class.

Look no further, CarsBuddy provides the top window tints service in Bangalore, Kochi & now in Coimbatore too and best car wrapping.

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Carsbuddy is a young team of skilled professionals that have been trained to deliver the best quality possible. We ensure we meet our deadlines and hand over your car in a shining condition.

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