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Ceramic Coating – After care & maintenance: A complete guide!

The growing demand for Ceramic Coating in India!
From the start of 21st century, India has seen a lot of changes in its economy, primarily in infrastructure and automobile sector. Previously, owning a car for a family in India was a luxurious entity. Thanks to development and growing economy, today owning a car has become much easier and simpler. As the demand for automobile is increasing, the demand for all the complimentary commodities such as fuel, accessories and ceramic coating is also coming onto the forefront. Ceramic Coating is one such amenity which is rising and is erupting the market in India.
Typically, it caters to a niche market, where automobile freaks, invest in Ceramic Coating for enhancing the look of their car, and make it glossier. Since the demand for automobile in general is increasing, the demand for Ceramic Coating has also witnessed a growth, which seems to be promising.

The reasons for the growth of Ceramic Coating in India!
Two main reasons that directly contribute towards the growth and demand for Ceramic Coating are:
– The ability to enhance the look of the car.
– The ability to protect the car’s external paint from damage and from UV Rays.
Today the market has evolved so much that Ceramic Coating is being considered as a necessity to maintain the car. One of the major factors that indirectly contributes towards the demand is the efforts that a car owner has to take to clean and maintain his car. Research says, a car owner has to spend only half of the amount in car’s maintenance with Ceramic Coating, in comparison to the spend which would actually occur without Ceramic Coating.

The aftercare required for cars with Ceramic Coating!

The aftercare routine that needs to be followed for Cars with Ceramic Coating for the first couple of weeks are:
– Water Exposure: Try not to expose your car to water for the first 2 weeks after the
Ceramic Coating. This will help increase the durability of the coating.
– Parking under trees: Avoid parking the car under the trees as the twigs and leaves that fall on the car may disturb the finish of the car.

You can wash your car after two weeks of ceramic coating.
The do’s and don’ts for car washing after getting Ceramic Coating done are:
– Wash the vehicle in shade, garage or a covered area.
– Wash the car once in 10 days or 14 days
– Use recommended soaps only
– Avoid using car brushes, mitts or any other material that can touch the car’s surface.

– Do not wash the car under direct Sunlight.
– Do not use wax or use a paint sealant after washing the car.
The negative effects of not caring for the maintenance of your car after ceramic coating are: – Loss of gloss: As soon as you stop caring for your car, the gloss and the shine from the Ceramic Coating starts decreasing. One of the main attributes of Ceramic Coating, the shine and the gloss, will die, without proper maintenance.
– Lesser Durability: Failure in aftercare and maintenance of the car would reduce the durability of the car’s coating drastically.
– Damage to Car’s original paint: No proper maintenance of the car after ceramic coating could lead to the damage of the original paint of the car. The external factors such as debris, sunlight and bird droppings contribute heavily in damaging the car’s paint.

Carsbuddy’s opinion on after care!

We all know, when we buy any automobile product, it is crucial to maintain the it properly, for achieving optimum performance and durability. Similarly, after investing in Ceramic Coating, it is crucial to take care of the coating, only then, the actual benefits of the solution are achieved.