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A brand where innovation meets collaboration

Carsbuddy – A Place of Innovation!

Carsbuddy is a brand where all the solutions and services are powered by innovation. We are able to achieve success and sustain that success with our service and improvising the same every time a customer visits us. Our endeavor is to provide the best customer service and hence we introduced innovation in our services. We believe, modernization is the only constant that can keep us ahead of our competitors. With such a belief, Carsbuddy, has adopted the practice, the place, the product and the people providing the services are empowered with innovation.

With innovation as the key focus, collaboration becomes even more important for us to thrive in the industry.

Carsbuddy – A Collaboration Center!

Carsbuddy as a brand has always invested in the best for giving the best to the market. The two of the trusted and reputed collaborators of Carsbuddy are – Modesta and Xpel.

Modesta Ceramic Coating:

Carsbuddy offers “Pure Liquid Nano-Titanium Coating that binds itself on the applied surface to become a rigid three-dimensional ‘Nano-Titanium Super Glass’, protecting this surface indefinitely” from Modesta.

Modesta coatings are renowned for their cutting-edge technology, enduring effectiveness, and resilience to environmental elements like UV radiation, chemicals, and scratches. These coatings provide self-cleaning, hydrophobicity, and gloss qualities that make maintenance simpler and shield the car from numerous impurities.

Xpel PPF:

Carsbuddy offers “Paint Protection Film, which works as an invisible layer of armor over your car’s finish. The crystal-clear, energy-absorbent polyurethane film is computer cut from a database of precision templates specific to your car, and then safely bonded to the vulnerable painted surfaces offering up to ten years of guaranteed protection” from Xpel.

The optical clarity and anti-yellowing properties of XPEL’s PPF ensure that the paint’s color and finish won’t be harmed. With the application of heat or sunlight, the film’s self-healing ability enables it to remove tiny dings and swirls. To meet various needs for car protection, XPEL also provides a variety of additional solutions, including window tint, ceramic coatings, and vehicle coverings.

Carsbuddy has partnered with both Modesta and Xpel to offer the most innovative products to the market in India.

Carsbuddy – A revolutionary solution!

Carsbuddy with its combination of strategies of innovation and collaboration has solved the problem of protecting the exterior of a car. The solution offered by us is revolutionary, since there is no one else who has been successful in establishing this combination.

With regards to customer satisfaction, Carsbuddy leaves no stone unturned. We ensure to take care of the tiniest detail and tiniest query of our customers. Our vision to build a reputable and a premium brand is sourced from our zeal to contribute towards the development of the industry.


With the development of the automobile industry, it is important for brands like Carsbuddy to provide innovative solutions to the automobile owners to protect their cars. It is also important that the solution provided actually solves the problem. With Carsbuddy offering liquid glass coating, Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating, Car Detailing, Windshield Protection, Vinyl Wrap, Window Tint, Moto Detailing, all your car cares can be catered to, making us a one of the best in the industry.